Going Underground - most wanted style?

The Turnout experience redefined.

Great car meets are the best but like all fun things time just flies by — like a shot of tequila, one minute you’re having a blast, the next minute you’ve blown a head gasket.

It gets crazy sometimes, we’ve all been there — I know I have… 👀

I remember one car meet in particular where the police had blocked every entrance and exit to one of New Zealand’s primary meet spots, Westgate. This guy literally grabs his towing rope out the back of his Ute (Truck), wraps it around one of the bollards and rips it out — Yeah, that happened, but what happens next was like a scene out of the first Fast & Furious movie.

Cars start lining up, one by one boosting out of this little crevice, over the footpath and back onto the main road — freedom.

Amongst the chaos, I felt alive, hair standing up, “holy” I thought to myself, is this really what car meets are like? Damn.

It was an outlet for my friends and I to live out our inner anarchy, masking ourselves as the outcasts of society behind the wheel of cars we’d spend countless weekends tinkering on.

My young naive self was hooked. Car meets every weekend, no matter how far or how long, the action travels with the convoy.

The Convoy

It’s a beautiful thing. If organised properly, it can make or break a car meet. It’s the yin and the yang, a synchronised unit of likeminded motorists, staking their claim to the roads — We’re just missing this guy:

But when a convoy derails, it invites uncertainty amongst the drivers. Losing your friends or taking the wrong turn forces you to query information.

A responsible driver would pull over, check the socials but how many of us have really, I mean “REALLY” pulled over. I bet you most that are reading this right now have handled their phone whilst driving without a second thought, and continue to do so in a form of a bad habit.

It’s a split second glance and then nothing. That’s all it takes for a fatal end for such a simple task. It’s not the young naive driver who died, it’s the family killed by the reckless boy racer. That’s how the media will paint your public ceremony.

Our actions weigh heavy in their consequences when we choose ignorance.

Culture has its way of programming people without them knowing it. The rise in pop-culture, social and mainstream media as a whole influences our daily lives. Sometimes we can see between the lines and when we do we often choose ignorance over hard truths.

Truth is like poetry, and most people fucking hate poetry” — Adam McKay

As a founder, it’s something I’ve been deeply fixated on but wasn’t sure how to approach it at the product level. It’s that one truth I know that can really make a difference in the world, but only if done right and with the right people.

So why choose ignorance, when we can choose technology?

Our phones are so powerful that they operate at speeds that we don’t even try to comprehend. Sure walkie-talkies are great in all, but seriously? Old tech is old tech. We’re living in an age where technology is at the heart of everything we do.

Our phones are literally a digital extension of ourselves, we spend countless hours scrolling through our feeds, messaging friends, navigating to - from - and all around.

Now that I think about it — the phone is starting to sound more like an attention seeking vampire. What if it could become a tool instead?

Specifically a tool for passionate motorists like ourselves:

  • A tool that will keep you synchronised with the convoy.

  • A tool that’s like a walkie-talkie but with GPS built in.

  • A tool that requires minimal interaction, keeping those two potentially life saving hands on the steering wheel.

  • A tool that in the event you get lost, there are convoy moderators and road scouts on standby ready to dispatch that info over voice comms within seconds.

This is what I mean by redefining Turnout. Establishing purpose and intent.

A product that is designed for the motorist as a tool, but governed by a community of responsible leaders who can organise meets that leave you with a smile at the end and back home tucked in bed — safe and sound.

That’s my founder vision for Turnout.

The question is, do you want to be part of that story?

PS: As a community driven product, I also think it would be cool to show some appreciation for our members by featuring their pride and joy as the Turnout app icon every month. This months feature is the one and only @grants2jz— the land jet.

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